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Introduction to Alpine Soaring




5 Days

About the Course

This course will focus on developing the flying skills necessary to fly safely in a sometimes dynamic and windy alpine environment.

  • Mountain thermaling considerations

  • Using ridges

  • Entries, using, dangers of wave

  • Recognition of the in-flight risks and management of same


We will also consider flight planning including preparation for land-outs


Course Format

5 Days, 2 Instructors, 4 Students 2 Gliders

Up to 30 winch launches or 15 Aerotow launches 

A typical day will look like:

09:00 – Prepare gliders

10:00 – Airfield Briefing & formulate days plan 

11:00 – 12:00 Classroom Work

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch break (Lunch provided)

13:00  18:00 Flying

18:00 – Social gathering to discuss the day


Flight Time

This will depend on the weather, but we would expect each student to be in the air for 2-4 hrs each day

This five day course is for those pilots with their NZ XCP Rating (or close to) wanting to be introduced to the basic skills and knowledge needed to fly in our mountains. It is a stepping stone to the more advanced mountain flying courses.

Your Chief Flight Instructor

Gavin Wrigley

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